This article describes the steps required to update LDAPCPSE in your SharePoint farm.

Download the latest release

Browse to the latest release and download LDAPCPSE.wsp.

Update the solution

Complete the steps below on the server running the central administration:

  1. On the server running the central administration, start a new SharePoint management shell and run this command:

    # This will start a timer job that will deploy the update on SharePoint servers. Central administration will restart during the process
    Update-SPSolution -GACDeployment -Identity "LDAPCPSE.wsp" -LiteralPath "C:\YvanData\LDAPCPSE.wsp"
  2. Visit central administration > System Settings > Manage farm solutions: Wait until solution status shows “Deployed”.


    Be patient, cmdlet Update-SPSolution triggers a one-time timer job on the SharePoint servers and this may take a minute or 2.

    If status shows “Error”, restart the SharePoint timer service on the servers where the depployment failed, start a new PowerShell process and run Update-SPSolution again.

Finalize the installation

On each SharePoint server, restart the IIS and the SharePoint timer services:

Restart-Service -Name @("W3SVC", "SPTimerV4")