This article groups tips & tricks to help you troubleshoot LDAPCP if it's not working as expected.

Check the SharePoint logs

LDAPCP records all its activity in SharePoint logs, including the performance, queries and number of results returned for each LDAP server.

Get LDAPCP logging level:

Get-SPLogLevel| ?{$_.Area -like "LDAPCP"}

Set LDAPCP logging level:

"LDAPCP:*"| Set-SPLogLevel -TraceSeverity Verbose

Merge LDAPCP logs from all servers from the past 10 minutes:

Merge-SPLogFile -Path "C:\Data\LDAPCP_logging.log" -Overwrite -Area "LDAPCP" -StartTime (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-10)

Replay LDAP queries

If people picker doesn’t return expected results, it ca be helpful to replay the LDAP queries executed by LDAPCP (which are recorded in the logs) outside of SharePoint:

$filter = "(&(objectClass=user)(|(sAMAccountName=yvand*)(cn=yvand*)))"
$ldapServer = "contoso.local"
$ldapBase = "DC=contoso,DC=local"
$ldapUser = "contoso\spfarm"
$ldapPassword = Read-Host "Enter the password (will appear in clear text)"
$ldapAuth = [System.DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypes] "Secure, Signing"

$directoryEntry = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://$ldapServer/$ldapBase" , $ldapUser, $ldapPassword, $ldapAuth)
$objSearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher ($directoryEntry, $filter)
# Uncomment line below to restrict properties returned by LDAP server

$results = $objSearcher.FindAll() 
Write-Host "Found $($results.Count) result(s)":
foreach ($objResult in $results)    {$objItem = $objResult.Properties; $objItem}

Troubleshoot the augmentation

If augmentation is enabled, LDAPCP gets group membership of federated users to populate 2 kind of tokens:

  • SharePoint SAML token of users, when they sign-in
  • Non-interactive SharePoint token: this internal token is unique per user and per site collection and used by some features like email alerts, “check permissions”, incoming email, etc…

If augmentation does not work, here is how to troubleshoot it:

Ensure augmentation is enabled in LDAPCP

Go to central administration > Security > LDAPCP global configuration page and validate that:

  • Augmentation is enabled.
  • A claim type for the groups is selected.
  • Servers are enabled for augmentation.

“Check permissions” feature is not working

This usually means that the non-interactive token doesn’t contain the group membership. By default, it is valid for 1 day and is refreshed only when it expires, so the 1st step is to lower its lifetime:

$cs = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
# Be aware that this setting is farm wide and setting it to 1 minute will break publishing sites, because the superuser/superreader accounts will become immediately invalid.
$cs.TokenTimeout = New-TimeSpan -Minutes 1
# Default value: $cs.TokenTimeout = New-TimeSpan -Days 1

Then, open a new PowerShell console and call SPWeb.DoesUserHavePermissions() to trigger a refresh of the non-interactive token:

$web = Get-SPWeb "http://spsites/"
$logon = "i:05.t|contoso.local|yvand@contoso.local"
# SPWeb.DoesUserHavePermissions() uses the non-interactive token, and will refresh it in PowerShell process if it is expired
$web.DoesUserHavePermissions($logon, [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPBasePermissions]::EditListItems)

Check SharePoint logs

Filter SharePoint logs on Product/Area “LDAPCP” and Category “Augmentation”. You can visualize logs in real time with ULS Viewer or use Merge-SPLogFile cmdlet:

Merge-SPLogFile -Path "C:\Temp\LDAPCP_logging.log" -Overwrite -Area "LDAPCP" -Category "Augmentation" -StartTime (Get-Date).AddDays(-1)

The output of a successful augmentation looks like this (trimmed for visibility):

LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Medium  [LDAPCP] Domain contoso.local returned 3 groups for user yvand@contoso.local. Lookup took 575ms on AD server 'LDAP://contoso.local/DC=contoso,DC=local'
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Medium  [LDAPCP] Domain MyLDS.local returned 1 groups for user yvand@contoso.local. Lookup took 6ms on LDAP server 'LDAP://DC:50500/CN=Partition1,DC=MyLDS,DC=local'
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Verbose [LDAPCP] LDAP queries to get group membership on all servers completed in 2391ms
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Verbose [LDAPCP] Added group "contoso.local\Domain Users" to user "yvand@contoso.local"
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Verbose [LDAPCP] Added group "contoso.local\Users" to user "yvand@contoso.local"
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Verbose [LDAPCP] Added group "contoso.local\group1" to user "yvand@contoso.local"
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Verbose [LDAPCP] Added group "MyLDS.local\ldsGroup1" to user "yvand@contoso.local"
LDAPCP  Augmentation    1337    Medium  [LDAPCP] User 'yvand@contoso.local' was augmented with 4 groups of claim type ''

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